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How Vitaminstore's new AI team member, Vicky, became a valued member of the team.

November 16, 2023
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Vitaminstore's Innovative Step: Embracing AI

Vitaminstore, a company always looking to put its customers first, has ventured into new territory by introducing an AI named Vicky from Neople. Unlike conventional automated systems, Vicky is a unique blend of technology and personality, designed to work seamlessly within the company's existing communication platforms, in this case, Teams and Zendesk.

The Role of Vicky in Vitaminstore

Vicky's primary role at Vitaminstore is to assist with customer service. She has been particularly helpful in efficiently and accurately responding to customer inquiries, a task that previously posed a significant challenge due to the volume and complexity of questions.

A Unique Approach to AI Integration

What sets Vicky apart is how she has been integrated into the team. She functions as any other employee would, working within the same communication tools used by the rest of the staff. This approach makes Vicky an accessible and familiar presence both for the team and the customers.

Vicky's Unexpected Human Touch

One of the most surprising aspects of Vicky's performance has been her display of empathy. Vitaminstore highlights how Vicky’s responses are not only efficient but also empathetic, providing a level of interaction that one might not expect from AI. This empathy has been a pleasant surprise, adding a human touch to her interactions.

Beyond Customer Queries: Vicky as a Knowledge Resource

Vicky also serves as a comprehensive knowledge base for the company. Her extensive understanding of products allows Vitaminstore to handle complex product questions and advice, which was previously a time-consuming task. This capability has opened new avenues for how the store can utilize AI for more than just answering basic queries.

The Future Looks Bright

With Vicky, Vitaminstore sees a future where AI can play a significant role in areas like product advice and customer engagement. The integration of Vicky is not just about handling current tasks more efficiently; it's about exploring new possibilities and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Vicky in Three Words

When asked to describe Vicky in three words, the response was "Engaged, Open, and Enthusiastic." These attributes reflect not just her functionality but also her role as a valued member of the Vitaminstore team.

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