Protecting Tone of Voice in AI to Represent Your Brand Authentically

September 4, 2023
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Brand voice is the very personality of your business. It’s how your customers identify with your brand. It’s what they trust. Your tone of voice could be the reason they chose your business in the first place.

Having a well-defined brand tone of voice sets the tone for all interactions with your customers, creating that emotional connection with them. As in any relationship, your customers expect you to behave consistently, to show up the same in every conversation. Keep your tone of voice consistent and you are on your way to maintaining your credibility and trustworthiness with that customer. Change that tone of voice or be inconsistent, and your customers may start to question their relationship with you.

Due to its efficiency and speed, more and more businesses are integrating AI into their working model, particularly within customer support. With their 24/7 availability, ability to provide instant responses and offer personalized recommendations, AI-driven integrations with support tools are fast becoming the norm.

The big question in business today is how you maintain consistency and your same familiar tone of voice in AI support automation.  

The Challenge: Maintaining Brand Tone of Voice in AI

Although AI integration with support tools has been a game changer for businesses and their ability to meet customer support demand, maintaining a consistent and authentic tone of voice presents unique challenges. While chatbots and automated content generation can give your business scalability and bring efficiency to your processes, how do you ensure AI truly represents your brand?

Some challenges businesses now face with AI in customer support are:

Failure to capture the unique nuances of your brand

Without an understanding of context, culture or human emotions, AI can sometimes lack the nuance that comes from a human writer.

Difficulty in keeping up with your brand’s shifts in tone

Brands naturally evolve over time, adjusting to stay aligned with customer preferences and the general zeitgeist. Without constant human intervention and finetuning, your AI integration may struggle to keep up with these subtle shifts.

Inappropriate responses or biases that are not aligned to your brand’s values

AI algorithms can perpetuate biases dependent on the data they receive which could lead to tone-deaf or inappropriate responses.

Why Tone of Voice in AI Is Too Important to Ignore

The importance of brand voice in shaping your customer’s perception of your brand cannot be stressed enough. An authentic brand voice is a crucial element in the overall relationship your business has with your customer.

Here’s why it is so important to ensure AI represents your brand voice authentically:

  • It reinforces your brand’s identity and values across all interactions.
  • Being authentic fosters emotional connection. Your customers choose your business because it resonates with them on a personal level.

People are more likely to remember a brand that has a distinct way of communicating. AI that can follow this unique brand voice consistently will help your business retain this level of brand recall.

When Dealing with Customers, Consistency is King

Alongside scalability and efficiency, AI support automation can be a powerful asset for your brand in terms of enhanced customer satisfaction. Getting tone of voice in AI right allows you to unlock the full potential of AI integration with support tools.

A consistent AI brand voice builds familiarity

A consistent AI assistant or AI chatbot tone of voice helps your customers know what to expect from your business every time they interact with you. Familiarity makes your business more memorable.

People appreciate reliability and predictability when they interact with a brand

When your AI integration is consistent in their communication in a way that is authentic and aligned to your brand values, you build trust with your customer. That’s exactly what you want, a customer that knows they can rely on you for accurate information and prompt, consistent service.

A consistent brand voice also adds efficiency to your AI support tools

One of the major advantages of AI in business is its ability to complete tasks more efficiently.  Being able to respond to customer queries with a standardized and consistent tone makes customer interaction more effective while still being authentic.

A consistent AI tone of voice makes growing your business and expanding into new markets much easier

Without needing to train a new team, you can maintain a uniform brand personality across touchpoints irrespective of location or language.

Meet Neople, AI Co-Workers That Speak in Your Voice

Designed to work within your team just as any human employee or colleague would, Neople AI virtual employees are different because they are trained on your company information. These digital co-workers work alongside their human counterparts, integrated into all the same tools your team accesses daily. Because they are active in your contact center, the AI learning curve of Neople gives them a unique ability to maintain and evolve with your brand’s tone of voice.

Have a look at these top reasons for hiring a Neople to help AI represent your brand authentically:

They are trained using your company information.

Before onboarding your Neople, they are fully trained using AI technology and your product information, your FAQs, brand guidelines, internal policies and even using past conversations. So, when they start, they already know your business like a long-term employee. Additionally, their tone of voice can be tailored to match the specific needs of individual companies.

Their tone of voice can be tailored to match your brand’s specific needs

This is the game-changer. When Neople are trained on your business and brand, they learn your brand’s tone of voice. From day one they can communicate with your customers in the same way your best employees would.

They learn and operate in the same work environment as your employees

They work where your team works. Neople are integrated into the platforms you use daily such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp or within contact centers like Trengo or Zendesk and there is no need for API keys. This is where Neople learn and match how you talk to your customers.

They collaborate with your customer support teams

Collaboration is what makes a team stronger. Neople are designed to fit right in with your customer support teams, collaborating to help resolve customer inquiries quickly while improving efficiencies within your team. Read more about AI in customer support here.

They can scale your customer support without sacrificing customer experience

When you have a Neople on your team, you can answer support tickets with speed and efficiency. Advanced AI employees can analyze data in real-time. With this ability they can offer personalized solutions to a customer’s unique problem, fast. And they do this while maintaining your brand’s unique voice.

Final Thoughts

How you communicate with your customers is crucial to the success of your brand. Your customers choose you not on your service alone. They choose you because of the experience they have when they interact with your business. And because of that, tone of voice is a powerful tool in your brand inventory.

With AI becoming more prevalent, especially within customer support, an authentic AI voice that mirrors your brand’s values and tone is essential to build a connection with your customer.

If you are considering an investment in AI automation for your customer support teams, remember the power of personal experience for building trust, engagement, and brand loyalty. Tools that respect and mirror your unique brand voice will help your brand stand out in the crowded world of AI chatbots, ensuring the human touch is never lost in this era of AI assistance.

Want to know how a Neople can help your organization with optimizing your customer support, maintaining your unique tone of voice? Get in touch with one of our experts here!

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