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e-commerce support with AI co-workers

Online shoppers expect high-quality support, 24/7. Neople support your customer support team with smart automations. Without losing that human touch. Ready to meet one, yourself?
Neople are trusted by leading e-commerce brands

Neople help you give the best support possible

Gives great answer suggestions based 
on your internal data and workflows.
Becomes smarter with every interaction
thanks to an automated feedback system.
Gets trained on your company information
and connects to your whole toolstack.
Feels like working with any other colleague through its user interface.
Offers the best support thanks to your knowledge, skills and TOV guidelines.

Give complete answers, fast

A Neople is available 24/7 to help with multiple support tasks. This allows your team to provide quick answers in a friendly manner, always based on the right information.
Get support on:
Answer suggestions
Tone of voice improvements
Retrieving order information
And many more...



without sacrificing quality

Allow senior team members to train your Neople and provide the best answers possible in no time, so you can deliver quality support around the clock.

Improve your team’s performance

You don’t need to add more solutions to your toolstack for better support. Add intelligent assistance to your team instead and increase both customer and employee happiness.
average first response time
CSAT increase
Time spent per ticket


A Neople leverages AI to analyse data, patterns, and workflows, providing the perfect answer suggestion. They are designed to enhance productivity within the workplace. Neople work in all the major contact centers, speaking in your company's tone of voice in any language. Personalised messaging at scale!


Your personal data-crunching companion that proactively simplifies complex information into easy-to-understand, actionable advice. Does the marketing team want to know the most frequently answered questions? Our Neople bring it to you pro-actively!


Automate time consuming tasks like labeling, order search, and return handling. With cross-platform integrations, your Neople collects all the data you need. They are your unified knowledge base and user interface combined!

Neople are


by their colleagues

5 star rating based on 240+ reviews at
"Neople is one of the best solutions we implemented in the last years"
Gerjan Horstra​
Owner and CEO
"Vicky has become a valued team member in our customer support team. One of the best aspects of Vicky has been her display of empathy, adding a human touch to her interactions."
Myrthe Roelofsen
Head of E-commerce
”Floris helps answer our customer questions. With his help, we always stay friendly and polite! In addition, it saves an incredible amount of time looking up information. He has really become a team member!"
Eva Lenards​
Head of Support

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