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Neople's Newest Transfer: Frits Scores a Spot at PSV!

August 30, 2023
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[Eindhoven, 29 Aug] – In a playful twist on football's high-paced transfer season, Neople announces its latest signing: Frits, the AI virtual colleague set to revolutionize the PSV Fanshop experience.

While most clubs are busy signing players to bolster their squad, PSV is broadening its horizon. They're not only focusing on the pitch but also ensuring fans have a seamless shopping experience. Enter Frits – a Neople AI colleague whose skill set is geared towards understanding PSV supporters' needs, answering their queries at lightning speed, and providing an impeccable customer support experience.

"When we think of transfers, we imagine athletes training for hours, undergoing medical tests and posing with the club jersey. But Frits had a different kind of onboarding – syncing with our systems, understanding our voice, and getting to know the PSV spirit" quipped Marcel Brands, president at PSV.

What's exciting about this collaboration is the human-like experience Frits brings. Neople's AI doesn't function like traditional automated chatbots; they're trained to interact, learn, and function just like a real colleague. They understand context, maintain the unique tone of the brand, and, most impressively, work across platforms. Whether it's Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, or Zendesk – Frits will be there, just like any other PSV team member.

Hans de Penning, CEO of Neople, expressed,

"We've always believed that the Neople experience is as close as one can get to an actual colleague, and Frits' induction into the PSV Fanshop reaffirms that. We're not introducing a tool but welcoming a team member. And who knows? Maybe Frits might pick a favorite PSV player soon!"

As part of the PSV family, Frits will provide support at the fanshop – ensuring each PSV team member, irrespective of age or tech-savviness, can interact with cutting-edge AI technology. Neople's commitment to amplifying productivity and enhancing joy shines bright with this new collaboration.

PSV's fanshop is all set for this season – with the latest jerseys, memorabilia, and now, an AI colleague who's all geared up to assist.

Frits is set to kick off at the fanshop starting 1 September. So, the next time you're at the PSV Fanshop, say hi to Frits, and experience the future of customer support!

About Neople:

Neople provides AI virtual employees tailored to seamlessly integrate within businesses. With Neople, companies can boost their efficiency, cut down on repetitive tasks, and introduce their workforce to the world of AI – all while maintaining their brand voice and values.

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