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Introducing Neople

March 3, 2023
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Our manifesto

Welcome to the world of Neople. A world where technology and humans actually work together. A place where we're designing your perfect AI compagnon, with your needs at the centre. A digital colleague that understand what you try to achieve and works where you work.

The last years have seen incredible advancements in (AI) technologies. And even though we can't predict the future, we know it will fundamentally transform how we will work in the years to come. While jobs will likely always be there, job descriptions are rapidly changing.

In this raging storm, not every organization will know how to keep up. Or even knows how to start. And often tired of all the sub-par tools and platforms that has been created in the last decades often communicating in a completely different language. We want to build technology that adapts to our human' needs, not the other way around.

Our vision

Our vision is that technology should be accessible and beneficial for everybody. The technies, the non-technies; the believers, the non-believers. Everyone should reap the benefits of technological progress. Not just the selected few. That's why we started Neople. An employment agency for digital co-workers.

We're optimists that believe technology should help humanity forward. To make our lives easier and to boost our creativity. To contribute to society and solving the challenges of tomorrow.

Our team

Today, our leadership consists of six. Hans; who has built and led an AI-driven platform for electric car sharing. Job; tinkerer, GPT-pioneer, and expert in spiking neural networks. Bas; former lead of an innovation lab who has experienced the evolution in conversational AI first hand. Ikram; our product-expert knowing what it takes to build a platform that people love. Menno; who has been spearheading a conversational AI agency for the last five years, and lastly Sander; experienced in digital and SaaS, strongly committed to our path.  

Follow us on our journey.

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