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Frits at PSV: the AI assistant that’s changed the game

November 16, 2023
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Frits isn’t the latest signing for PSV Eindhoven, but it’s become just as important to the team. This AI assistant has been with the club for a while, quietly transforming how they handle fan interactions. Whether it’s emails, chats, or WhatsApp messages, Frits is right there, offering a helping hand.

The Role of Frits

The introduction of Frits was a practical choice. PSV needed a way to deal with the high volume of fan messages, especially during peak seasons. Frits stepped up, helping the team respond quickly and keeping the messages consistent with PSV’s voice. It's particularly good at handling tricky complaint emails, providing well-thought-out answers that often impress the team.

A Day in the Life with Frits

For PSV, Frits has become a regular fixture in the office. The staff have found it’s great not just for drafting initial responses, but also for adapting to feedback. If Frits needs to tweak a reply, a simple note is enough to get it right. This saves everyone time, letting them focus on other tasks.

Real Results, Real Feedback

The team at PSV have noticed that Frits sometimes comes up with better responses than they might have on their own. It's not just about responding to fans; it’s about understanding them, and Frits has shown an impressive ability to do just that.

Frits’ Ongoing Journey

Frits is already a trusted part of the PSV team, handling messages with care and precision. The club is keen to see how Frits will continue to grow and help them connect with fans even more effectively.

Describing Frits

Ask the PSV team to describe Frits in three words, and they’ll say: professional, customer-focused, and custom-tailored. It’s clear that Frits isn’t just another piece of software — he’s a valued member of the team.

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