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How Neople Bob is helping Toppy's customer support

April 3, 2023
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Working in customer service can be both frustrating as extremely satisfying. On the one hand, you want to take the time to give a warm experience to all (new) customers. They deserve great service and are the lifeline of any business. At the same time there are another hundred incoming questions waiting to be answered. And the list is not getting any smaller..

Introducing our client case: Toppy

The very first Neople that got a contract was Bob, employed at the fast-growing ecommerce company Toppy. Toppy is based in Veghel and specializes in selling everything related to garden & outdoor. When the sun comes out in spring, Toppy prepares for high season on their support channels. It's a challenge for them to keep up during that time in the year, while maintaining the high level of customer service.

When we got in touch with Toppy, it directly felt like it was a great match to employ a Neople. Loads of product information to search through, high volume of incoming tickets, a distinctive tone of voice in their messaging.. Toppy checked all of the boxes! And not unimportantly: they are an incredibly friendly and funny bunch.

Meet the new colleague: Hello Bob!

Bob was introduced as a new colleague in the customer support team. Together we trained Bob on everything there is to know as a support agent. Product information (nearly 4000 product categories), FAQs, the blogs on the website and much more. He learned how to communicate by analyzing their tone of voice and reading the brand guidelines. We taught Bob how to work in Slack, and showed him the way in their contact center (

How Bob works together with the team

Whenever there is an incoming ticket, Bob is ready to respond to any question. He will search through all his knowledge, and provide you with the answer. A key feature is that Bob always gives the reference where he found his information.  

In Slack, this means copying the question. This is also the place where Bob is coached, and Toppy employees give feedback on all his proposed answers. With every interaction Bob becomes a little bit smarter. In he directly proposes a suggested answer. The agent only has to agree with the suggestion, or make adjustments.

'I also want to have a Bob!'

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