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A Neople does not only help you work faster, but also significantly improves the quality of your answers

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Transform your team with intelligent assistance – no new tools, just results.
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A Neople leverages AI to analyse data, patterns, and workflows, providing the perfect answer suggestion. They are designed to enhance productivity within the workplace. Neople work in all the major contact centers, speaking in your company's tone of voice in any language. Personalised messaging at scale!


Your personal data-crunching companion that proactively simplifies complex information into easy-to-understand, actionable advice. Does the marketing team want to know the most frequently answered questions? Our Neople bring it to you pro-actively!


Automate time consuming tasks like labeling, order search, and return handling. With cross-platform integrations, your Neople collects all the data you need. They are your unified knowledge base and user interface combined!

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5 star rating based on 240+ reviews at
"I recently helped out the customer service team during busy times and experienced that Vicky saves quite a bit of time in answering a ticket due to her suggestions and tasks."
"His colleagues are very enthusiastic about Frits!"
”Sometimes Sam comes up with a very clever answer that I myself thought he would never know"
“We're impressed by the quality of the answers of Chloé and cannot wait to work with her in Zendesk”
“We have been testing out Max's capabilities and the combination of tasks looks very promising! ​​”
Rinze Russchen​,
Head of Customer Service​

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